Ribbed aspect event carpet, entry level

Expocord 0045 - Anthracite
Reference : Expocord 0045 - Anthracite - Pantone 425C
Expocord 0045 - Anthracite
Expocord 0045 - Anthracite

Fully Recycle


Fully Recycle

Fire Resistance


The EXPOCORD ribbed Needlepunched carpet is the ‘’entry level’’ solution for floors of all types of short-term events such as exhibitions, fairs, trade shows, congresses, seminars, sporting events,... Designed for large installation volumes, EXPOCORD is light to handle, easy to cut, quick to install and adheres very well to double-sided adhesives. Very stable, this carpet can be laid edge to edge or superimposed. Available in 16 colors and in several widths (2 or 4 m), without protective film, you will undoubtedly find the EXPOCORD carpet suitable for your event. Sustainability has been Sommer's priority for many years. EXPOCORD is an eco-designed carpet, 100% recyclable, allowing total recycling after the event.

Technicals features

Ribbed needlepunched carpet
100% polypropylene
Fire proof
Fire classification Bfl-s1
With double-sided tape
How to recycle my flooring EXPOCORD ?

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