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Step 1 : CUT a piece of 5-6m


Cutting the gangway carpet every 5m-6m allows to work with smaller manageable pieces, that weight between 3kg and 8kg each, depending on the width of the piece.

Cutting across the width of the carpet takes less than 10 seconds for 4m wide gangway


  • Start wit a team of 3 people
  • Person A (in red) walks in front 5-6 steps => approximately 5-6m distance
  • Cuts the carpet across the width, creating a piece of approximately 6m x 4m width (or less depending on the width of the carpet).

Step 1 = max 10 seconds

Step 2 : LIFT for debris to fall

Working in teams of 2, lift the piece by folding it in the middle width wise, thus allowing for debris to sip out / fall onto the floor. 

If 4m carpet piece is held in the middle from both ends and lifted, it will create a two-fold piece of 2m, weighing total 8kg => adequate to be handled by 2 people of an average height and build.   


  • Person B (in blue) and Person A (in red) lift the piece of carpet from the floor and fold it in the middle => upper side remains outside, thus all debris seep/fall onto the floor.

Step 2 = max 20 seconds

Step 3 : FOLD upper side out

By lifting the piece, while holding in the middle, it has already been folded once. Position on the floor and fold once more length wise (applicable only for 3m and 4m wide carpet pieces). Aim to achieve a long strip of (upper side out = no debris inside) measuring approximately 5.0m-6.0m by 0.7m-1.0m; Slide to the side of gangway, permitting immediate safe movement of exhibitors & contractors.


  • The piece of carpet is now two-fold.
  • Position the two-fold piece on the floor and if required fold lengthwise once more.
  • Fold once again lengthwise, if required, to achieve a 1m-1.5m long strip by 1m maximum width.
  • The team moves onto the next 6m section and repeat steps 1, 2 & 3.

Step 3 = max 15 seconds

Step 4 : PARCEL for loading

From the already achieved long strip roll / fold into parcel like package not exceeding 1.5m x 1m size; move the piece to the nearest pile of uplifted carpet.

A third member of the team can be allocated specifically to this task.

Mini piles of carpet are collected with any type trolley(s) and moved to designated location ready for loading. 

  • Team Member C (in green) follows behind Team members A & B and folds the carpet strip into a parcel approximately 1.5m x 1m.
  • The person then moves on to the next strip of carpet; folds it into a parcel and stacks folded pieces together;  carpet is ready for loading.

Step 4 = max 15 seconds

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