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Learn how to lay and install floor coverings with our DIY videos.
Our experts are here to give you all the tools in video format!

How to install a carpet ?

Install carpet with gaffer

To hold it in place, an adhesive tape can be applied to the ends of the carpet.

Install carpet with double sided tape

In order not to see the tape, double-sided tape is the ideal solution! 

Install carpet on carpet

In hotels or offices, installing a carpet over a pre-existing carpet can be very useful.

Install carpet with overlap

Carpet can shrink under the influence of temperature fluctuations. A small overlap ensures that the floor is not visible.

Install carpet without overlap

For some coverings, such as artificial turf, there is no need to overlap.

Cut a circle in a carpet

We show you how to make a carpet circle easily and without special tools.

How to remove a carpet ?

After an event, the Sommer Needlepunch carpet can be recycled as a second raw material.

Recycle involves a clean carpet. It means without wastes (sawdust, screws or nails).

 There are a few advices to remove a carpet :

  • Cut a piece of 5 to 6m
  • Lift for debris to fall
  • Fold and parcel for loading

To help you, Sommer can provide you with a directory of recyclers.

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